Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy Meals ~~ Try This at Home ;-)

You are boss. And I mean that in a sort of Bruce Springsteen type of way. Like, "Boss". Think "bad is good" type action.

When you find yourself in a sticky situation, be it at home with the kiddos, or out and about doing the day to, carpooling, commuting, working out, working it ~~ how do you get in your zone? How do you blow your own mind and that of the people around you? You give back! And I mean that in a "baby got back ~~ Fergilicious", (yeah, yeah)  mindset. You make your own movie everyday with yourself and with those around you. So who are you going to star as?

Personally, I see a lot of heroes. Super heroes. All shapes and sizes and colors of stars. So hop up on that catwalk with everyone elses'  big, bad self and get busy. Strut. Smile. Fist bump. Trip. Laugh. Recover. Collide. Offer an outstretched hand. Applaud and be applauded for. (eek ~~ sorry Diana)* Risk it all to mingle the beauty that is you. You may just feel a flicker or it may all come pouring out, but if you touch someone's heart, even if it is just with a feather of a tickle, who knows what beauty may erupt.

Remember Misfit Moms' battlecry: fucule.

Fucule = fierce + cute + cool. (think: ballsy, badass, of a feminine nature)

Strive to be the one who brings out the best in you. You know who it is because you have seen them in your mind's eye. Dig and dig and tap into that courage that will ignite the spark that brings you back to life. You remember ~~

It starts with a "P"

and ends with



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