Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Espcape the Quagmire? Yes, I want to believe...

Anit-depressants. Can't live with-'em. Can't live without -'em. I've come to learn the full impact of this scenerio while I taper off of the dangerous anti-depressant I was prescribed by my ex-doctor.

This blog post is dedicated to helping those who find themselves adrift at sea as I once did and sometimes currently do from day to day during the periods I raise anchor.

Know that you are not alone. You are never alone. We are here, drifting apart, but drifting together. Let's throw lines out to each other and pull each other together. Let's build a web of safety lines and save as many of us as we can. We are here.

We are here. We may be adrift, together or apart, but we all can float. Believe that you can float and I will do the same.

Believing you can float while you are adrift is the first step. Practice. Are you there? Float. Float with me. Take a deep breath. I know it hurts down very deep. I know you can feel it too. Deep breath. Hold it. Pause (or paws, hee-hee).

***Caution....only read the following statement if you are less than 50% engineer. Otherwise you may find yourself in an infinite quagmire. If you are greater than or equal to 50% engineer, please have a friend nearby to
a) Punch you in the face if you can't snap out of it,
b) Dial 911 if you become completely unresponsive for more than 5 minutes.
And now, back to our regularly scheduled quagmire...***
Close your eyes, (but just for a quick moment so you can then return to reading my blog post for further instructions ;).

Hmm, this is a real can I get you to open your eyes for futhur instructions, with out you opening your eyes to read that you are now to open your eyes. It is a quagmire inside the quagmire....that kind of stuff used to scare the living shit out of me....but that's more about fear so we will have to cover that topic soon. Perhaps after you've opened your eyes. But for now, I'm just going to assume you have opened your eyes and removed yourself from your very own, personal, infinite quagmire. You have? Good. Now let's continue.~~

Okay, eyes wide shut then? Good, let us continue.

Go ahead and open your eyes and slowly exhale. On the exhale, try to let go of your hurt. This is your experience so try not to judge it, just let go as honestly and completely as you can in this moment. Did you do it? You did? Good! That is excellent, I assure you. Now repeat this effort a few more times, let's say 5 more times if you need set figures. If you are more into "winging" it, just repeat until you are ready to move on.

Once you have accepted the floating and breathing state, it is time to move on to gliding. This is the fun part. The mental gymnastics. Gliding is much the same as floating but with just a bit more purpose. Gliding is floating with movement. I find that I am a big proponent of movement. I think I prefer moving forward in space and time based on the awareness of my own perceived personal experience, but given a different perspective I may be persuaded to change direction if my intuitions convince me of the merit of that decision. Regardless of the direction, however, I believe adding movement to my state of awareness offers its own profound rewards.

So as my daughter and I righteously co-discovered earlier this week:
When being extreme...
  ~~go slow,
  ~~and make contact...

I suppose gliding could be considered floating to the Xtreme. ~or~
  gliding = floating++;

So now is as good a time as any to tackle the concept of gliding, I suppose. To glide, you have to let go of a little bit of fear. Letting go of a little bit of fear will help you gain a tiny bit of momentum. So, let's attempt put this hypothesis into practical human behavior.

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