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Hello Strong Mamas

I loved providing a Stroller Fitness "class" to provide moms a way to get out with the kids, connect with other moms in a relaxed setting, and get some exercise.

I started this page to provide links for exercises you can do at home and offer some "tips" that may help you to achieve your goals.

Here are a few links for core strength exercises.

Stroller Strides exercises
Core Strengthening Exercises
Core Strength with Yoga Video

Here are some key things that have helped me develop healthier habits:

  • Build a support groupsmile
    A support group should make you feel good about yourself. You look forward to your time with your support group. They are encouraging, good humored, and fun to be with. I look forward to our stroller fitness mornings because I always leave feeling happy and renewed.
  • Have fun and laugh.
    If your exercise feels like a chore, you are not going to want to stick with it. I guess that is why I fell in love with Zumba, because dancing doesn't feel like a chore or like exercise. For me, it is fun. I honestly forget it is a workout, too.
  • Keep your focus on the positive.
    Everyone has personal setbacks. It is part of life. If you can begin to practice focusing on what went right, more often than what didn't, you will move mountains. This simple technique has been the greatest challenge for me personally. But every time I remember to practice it or I'm in a place where I am able to see 
    the positives, my outlook is instantly brighter.
  • Feed your body, mind, and spirit. Listen to your body's internal cues for when you are hungry and what you are hungry for. This may take a lot of time and trial and error. But on a very primal level, our bodies know what they need. If you constantly deprive yourself of something you crave or you over indulge in things that deplete you, it might be time to re-examine the messages you are hearing. Maybe you need to make a change somewhere.

Okay, enough of me blabbing, right?!

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