Monday, May 30, 2016

You Rock!!!!

You rock!

Most Moms I know don't let that message sink in quite enough these days, that's why I blew up the exclamation points in my subject line of this post. 

But we can, and we do, ...rock, that is to say. And we have to, too; because Motherhood is a battlefield fought on the front lines everyday in this country. Every guided decision we make and action we take, we hope to keep our babies safe and our homes in tact. It is and has always seemed to me like the toughest role I will ever play in life. And much, much more so because the lives we lead are becoming more isolated. The front lines of our battle field pretty much now begin with a virtual window rather than the solid earth under our feet. With technology crashing in like waves all around us, we are swept up and set adrift. 

My daughter is now 7, and I feel like I have been island hoping for the majority of her life. But it is time for me to drop an anchor. I am new to this, but I am finding my way on this strange and foreign terrain. The natives here are what has persuaded me to stay. When you are kind and friendly to them, they are welcoming, accepting, and loving...even familiar at times. So I have decided to stay and build my own army. Lucky for me, there is no shortage of talent for this endeavor. Everyday that I venture away from my home base, I encounter the smiling, good-natured creatures of this foreign place. They accept me, and guide me and give me reasons to laugh and smile in turn. They give me fuel to sustain me and keep the fires brightly lit at home. They light my world and for that I am eternally grateful. And my friends, they are YOU!

Thank you for being there. For being a part of my life. For being the unsung heroes of my journey as a mother, a wife, a friend, and a lover of really cheesy, and over the top expression of my gratitude!

Now come on out and let's rock the socks off of Motherhood!!!!!

Our battle cry is "fucule": Fierce + Cute + Cool.