Monday, March 14, 2016

When someone forgets what day it is and asks "what day is it?", you may think you understand them, what they are asking, how they are feeling, what they are thinking, but you don't. You have no idea of how far off you are with your interpretation of these little events. Their motivation, their reaction. The interaction is purely one sided, or two sided, but not really a true collaboration. 

So what then determines who we be? Is it our thoughts, our words, our actions, our feelings, our perspective? Who are you? I really want to know...are those lyrics..."the who", right?

Aaanywho....I am writing at 6:30am before my Monday morning class while I sip what is left of my coffee. When is the last time I did that.

 Action, (boxed check mark here).

Words....none one around.....just the ones I'm currently writing....

Thoughts..... (yes, boxed check mark here). Hahahahaha, I finally "get" that joke and I think it is funny.

Feelings....milder, (boxed check mark here)

P.S. - file under thoughts....add "mood" to "who we are" in definition of "us".

Perspective. Changing, morphing, transforming, shifting in and out. frightening, exciting, The basis for all of our reality. Exciting.