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The Misfit Moms of Rowlett is a meet-up group in Rowlett, Rockwall and surrounding areas. My name is Laura, and I started the group in January 2012, just after my daughter turned 3 years old. With this blog, I hope to create another good source of information and a reference for local moms.

After meeting and talking to so many moms in our area, I realized we share so many of the same questions, challenges, and goals. I have spent the last several years researching such things as:

  • What are my childcare options in the area?
  • How do I find a babysitter?
  • Who is a good pediatric dentist?
  • What pediatrician should I use?
  • Which new park can I try?
  • Where can I go to meet and connect with other moms of small children?
  • What are some free or inexpensive outings I can do with my daughter?
There are many similar challenges facing moms today. Many of the moms I have talked to face feelings of isolation. Spouses work well into the evening or even into the night or travel. Families live across the country. Some are single moms. Some moms are new to the area. For some it is mother and child all day, every day. Some moms struggle to balance work, family, and a social life.

There is usually a wave of self-doubt that accompanies your first time as a mom. Everything is new to you. Who do you turn to with your insecurities? Do you have friends you can trust enough to ask "...is this normal..."? Along with all the tremendous joys of motherhood also comes added stress, and possibly feelings of anxiety, guilt, and fear. Do you have a support group who lift you when you are down? Sometimes it is necessary to build that support group, and it often takes time.

I guess I just wanted to say to all mothers out there, you are not alone. I promise there is someone else out there who shares your feelings, your concerns, your challenges, and your dreams.

Best Always,

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